24 year old secret discovered

by Gary on July 27, 2020

Many people since the games release has assumed the statue in the courtyard of Mario 64 with the plaque that reads "L is real 2401" and debated what it meant. Friday, 24 years and 1 month after the release of Mario 64 a massive data leak from Nintendo revealed a beta of Mario 64 with a complete Luigi model, 2 player HUD images, texture maps for Luigi and even voices clearly belonging to Luigi.

So 2401 (24 years and 1 month), L is real, Luigi is real. All conspiracy theories aside many times Miyamoto had said he wanted Luigi in the game and just couldn't afford the RAM on the N64 hardware. There are interviews in the 1st publication of Nintendo's strategy guide in Japan that show a statement that clearly mentions Luigi's absence and why. So it wasn't a secret why he wasn't in the game. It's just cool that the year, month and stars aligned at the right time for Luigi to be unearthed in the beta just shy of the release version of the game.

I personally think if the leaks are related to the May 2020 leaks then the person doing it sat on the info till the time was right, if not that means someone leaking the data is a Nintendo person that was around back then, knew the 2401 cryptic message and waited till the time was right to unload this on the internet.

makes me wonder what other Nintendo riddles in different games will get answered. Majora's Mask, Pokemon, Mario 64, Yoshi's Island and many, many more games in beta and various states were a part of the leak.

What do you guys think? Nintendo person? Someone else trying to make facts fit fiction? Or do you have another take?

Regardless one of the oldest riddles in what I consider the modern gaming era, N64 and newer, just had tons of it's biggest secrets shown to the world!