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More prince

posted by Jody Robz
in Music
on August 26, 2016

Sorry not been on much last few weeks, just moved country and started new job...from next week tho I'll be back!...[leave a comment]

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My 10 Trillion Dollar Bill

posted by pokematic
in Games and Stuff
on August 24, 2016

How many of you can say you have 10 trillion dollars? That's 10,000,000,000,000. With this much money, I could buy a copy of Mario/Duck Hunt....[leave a comment]

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DC Super Hero Girls Hero of the Year

posted by pokematic
in General
on August 23, 2016

So I saw the TV special Super High, and it was so terrible it was amazing. Because of that, I pre-ordered this and it came in today. Hopefully it's just as awesome as Super High....[leave a comment]

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