How to improve No Man's Sky

by Gary on July 25, 2020

I have took it upon myself to improve No Man's Sky. First by not releasing it before it's ready and secondly be not promising features that are not in the game. Third, well that's the biggie. To know when to flirt with physics and when to follow the sound mechanics that govern the universe.

The main idea was to have generated terrain, if a world has it. To include more accurate weather, planet generation, moon generation and star/system generation. I like No Man's Sky but after you visit 20 worlds the game get's very repetitive. So there will be completely hostile worlds with radiation, temperature, and other hazards that could potentially exist. The greatest majority of worlds should either be barren or dead worlds and few hold life and be hospitable. I don't think fire storms on a green world make sense as the follage would be destroyed every cycle ending up in a dead barren world no one where grass exists.

So another point for me is to take into account star size, color, type and let that filter to the planet generation based on distance from the star then down further. Letting one thing contribute to the cause of another. Rather than the NMS method of just random generation without thinking about what is near by.

Ships would be handled with more realistic fighting more akin to star trek than the combat of NMS where you fly like your in an atmosphere.

What do you guys think? Have you played No Man's Sky? How can it be improved on, let's here your thoughts!

Gary @DarkFact
July 25, 2020

The above image is early prototype image from Unity using Ray Tracing on my laptop.