What Are You Watching & On Which Streaming Services?

by Corey Buckner on July 23, 2020

Wow... has it been a long time since many of us have talked!!! As you can see things are moving again here and I am eager to reconnect with my long-time friends who have stuck with me through thick and thin. So, we can kick things off with a little ice breaker.

What shows are you watching right now and which streaming services are you most using these days?

Me, I just started John Wick yesterday on Amazon Prime (I know, I'm super late) and I'm really into it! Prior to that I was making my way through Disney+!

Iain Metcalf @IainM
July 23, 2020

I had been watching The Simpsons on Disney+ but cancelled it now as there just isn't enough varied content on it.

Got through The Boys on Amazon Prime which is excellent and worth watching as is Good Omens. Keep meaning to watch Carnival Row also which is supposed to be really good. We do subscribe to Starzplay on Amazon and I have been watching Fringe which is excellent and Shelley has been watching Nip/Tuck.

On Netflix it has been Brooklyn 99 (again - it's my favourite show) and F is for Family with it having a new season. Still waiting on Stranger Things 4 but there has only been a short reveal trailer so far and nothing else. I have also been watching a bit of Star Trek : Deep Space Nine on there which is always great.

Other than that DVD's mainly with old UK shows like Up the Elephant, Round the Castle, Piglet Files, It aint half hot mum and so on

Corey Buckner @cbuckner
July 23, 2020

Brooklyn99 is hilarious Iain! I have also been watching The Chi, and the Mrs. and I watch "Family or Fiance" and "Married at First Sight".

I have been getting back into DVD/BlueRay collecting with all of the nonsense going on with all the various streaming services. Having to have 10 different streaming services is making physical movie and tv media ownership a lot more appealing these days.