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Commodore 128

by Iain Metcalf in Hardware
May 22, 2020

3 GOOD JOBSThe awesome Commodore 128, looks alone make this machine standout. Booting up in 128 mode sees a green background and grey text area, looks cool but nothing really used this mode. Holding down the Commodore key (bottom left of the keyboard with the Commodore logo) while powering on shows the familiar Commodore 64 screen which is what you use to load games in.

There are games that use the full 128k even in C64 mode like Ultima V as an example. This game has music when running on this machine but on a standard C64 no music at all. There were also 128 only versions of games like Last V8 and Kickstart 2.

I use the C128 now as my main CBM machine given the power supply on the standard C64 can go faulty and blow the machine (I do need to buy a modern supply for my 85 Breadbin). The PSU on the 128 doesn't have any issues and can be used without any worries.

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