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Autobot Jazz-Deluxe Class-Robot Mode

by Mike in General
November 30, 2020

2 GOOD JOBSHere's What Autobot Jazz from the Transformers: Reveal The Shield line looks like in his robot mode. He looks awesome in terms of his redesign. He looks just like he did in the 80s as well as in the animated series, but made better. He even comes with hidden sub-woofer speakers which generate sonic pulse waves capable of throwing any Decepticon attacker off balance, which I remember him using in a few episodes from Season 2 of the cartoon series (I own all three seasons on DVD, plus the rarely seen 3-episode fourth season).

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Corey Buckner @cbuckner
December 01, 2020

NICE! Jazz was my favorite Transformer until Ultramagnus came out.

Mike @MikeMeier
January 08, 2021

Nice! That is so awesome!