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Autobot Jazz-Deluxe Class-Vehicle Mode

by Mike in General
November 30, 2020

1 GOOD JOBSI've always wanted to have this figure in my collection as I thought highly of this iconic character. Finally, after so many years, back in the late mid 2010s, somewhere around there, I was finally able to find & add it to my collection of Transformers figures (namely redesigned & re-released versions of the classic Generation One characters) from the Classics (2007) line, Universe 2.0, Generations, Reveal the Shield, 25th Anniversary, 30th Anniversary, Combiner Wars, Titans Return, Power of the Primes & the War for Cybertron Trilogy series (being Seiege & EarthRise). It's none other than Autobot Jazz (from the Reveal the Shield Transformers figure line). Here is what he looks like in his vehicle mode.

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