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Ultra Magnus-voyager class-robot mode

by Mike in Random
September 22, 2020

2 GOOD JOBSHere is what Ultra Magnus looks like in robot mode, the one I'm familiar with from the 1986 animated feature TRANSFORMERS: THE MOVIE (which is what he changes into when you first see him during the battle of Autobot City. I know he starts out as a different coloured version of Optimus Prime when the original toy as well as this one transforms, but I tend to like his Autobot City Commander/full robot form the best). I absolutely love the way Hasbro brought Ultra Magnus to life. He looks almost the same way he did in the 1986 movie, but made to look better. I absolutely love having this figure in my collection!

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Corey Buckner @cbuckner
September 23, 2020

This is by far my favorite Transformer. I even like him more then Prime. This (like all his figures) is amazing.