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by ToastyFresh in Hong Kong Legends dvds
August 05, 2020

1 GOOD JOBSAn earlier outing for Hong Kong Legend Sammo Hung from 1972. Also called Lady Kung Fu in Asia which alludes to the main star of this film Angela Mao ,who was a bit of a hong cinema legend herself starring in several films including Bruce Lee film Enter The Dragon. The film follows a similar theme of Japanese aggressors provoking chinese kung fu schools to fight back. The difference here being that the protagonists are returning from Korea where they have learned Hapkido to open a school in their homeland.The film also features Way Of The Dragon and The Young Master bad guy Wong In Sik and Carter Wong who most memorably played thunder in Big Trouble In Little China. Finally in bit part roles are then unknown Jackie Chan and Yuen Biao!

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