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Pioneer Elite Pro 141FD

by Vectrexfan in General
August 03, 2020

2 GOOD JOBS My new Secondary TV and one of the finest 60 inch Television Monitors ever made, I was never able to afford one when they were new but i got a great deal on one second hand.

These Elite Signature Series models are the creme of the KURO crop, handpicked off the assembly line, inspected, and certified as the best of the best. Sold only through specialty retailers who have been trained to set them up, the Signature Series panels are designed to have an open architecture, and they utilize an advanced IP control platform that gives the installer an unmatched level of access and customization. The Signature Series includes the 60-inch PRO-141FD. Which is a 1080p HD monitor, so they lack internal TV tuners. This allows the panels to measure just 2.5 inches deep, but it means you must mate them with an outboard tuner, cable box, or satellite box to receive TV programming. These monitors also don't come with speakers or a stand, although an optional stand is available.

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