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Custom Les Paul "Catfish Man" copy

posted by Lee Catfishman
in Music Related (but not actual music)
on April 09, 2019

So, I saved up my nickels and dimes (we don't have pennies here in Canada), and ordered a custom guitar. Although a "Made in China" copy of a famous guitar, it's a pretty freakin' high-quality one. It plays beautifully, and sounds pretty nice, too!...[leave a comment]

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donkey Kong Junior Tabletop

posted by Lee Catfishman
in Tabletop Mini-Arcades
on September 10, 2016

Picked this one up last week. Paid a bit more than I usually do (but still got a good price for it), at an "Antique Mall." First time I've run into one in the wild, and I decided I had to have it....[leave a comment]

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AT Games Sega Genesis Ultimate Portable Game Player

posted by Lee Catfishman
in Handheld Consoles
on August 17, 2016

This is a licensed portable Sega Genesis (Mega Drive). Visually, the games look stunning, as well as the game play is spot on. Unfortunately, the sound... Well it's like it's punching you in the ears. It sounds a little better using headphones/earbuds, but still doesn't sound good. ...[continue]

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