About colexions.com

Working Together to Build Our Collections

  • Get help finding a collectible without having to pay ridiculous mark-up prices
  • Help someone else find and acquire collectibles they are looking for
  • Buy, sell & trade with each other
  • Share pictures of your collectibles with other collectors
  • Discuss your collections
  • Select which collectors collections you want to watch grow
  • Work together to build your collections
  • Share information
  • Engage in discussions about collecting and collectibles

colexions.com was built so that collectors around the world can connect and work together to find the collectibles we want. It has grown into a hub for like-minded collectors to discuss the things that we collect and share our collectibles with people who collect the same things.

How colexions Works

By joining colexions.com you are becoming a member of a community that is committed to helping one another find the collectibles we want. It's simple how we do it.

  • Let collectors here know what you are looking for
  • colexions members will check local shops, resale stores, garage sales, etc for you while they are out doing their own collecible shopping
  • The collector who finds it will pick it up and send it to you for just the cost of the item and shipping without marking up the collectible.

That's it! You give back to the community by doing the same for other!